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January 1, 2009

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Business Performance Management is a process that must be perpetually and continuously applied in order to impact the business in a positive way.  For business enterprises, that impact is on the bottom line and improved customer satisfaction and retention.  For government, it is improved citizen access to services at lower costs.  With the economic and fiscal conditions that prevail today, it is imperative that business intelligence tools are made available to everyone that needs it.  Productivity improvements achieved in the last 20 years has not only helped cut costs, but also pave the way for individuals to take more responsibility to help manage performance.  Old tools pave way for new ones and improved ways replace older ones.  Even with Business intelligence, the data  needed to be collected, analyzed and reported must change.

How does one make sure that those changes are done effectively.  The answer must be in insitutionalizing the practices that are required to measure business performance.  That begins with senior stakeholders establishing clear policies for the promoting collaboration between offices on activities that help build an ongoing knowledgebase for performance.  Selecting the right individuals and teams and building the skills is second and imperative.   Measuring, recording and reviewing progress is third.  Finally, progress achieved along all lines of the business should be visibe to senior managers and senior managers must be confident that the decision they are making are based on accurate evaluation of the conditions that exist.


1. Tony Sikavi - January 8, 2009

The 4 elements described to accomplish changes to improve business performance are what typically is known as infrastrcuture support for improvement projects. With them, you are more likely to institutionalize systematic improvements in business performance. ofcourse, inherit in that idea is also the fact the the BPM support mechanisms should be in place during boom and lean times. My expectation is that businesses will spend more in BI tools to help them in their business in 2009.

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